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Northwoods Alpacas


Discover the World of Alpacas! Northwoods Alpacas offers a large selection of alpaca clothing accessories and gifts. Visit the farm and make friends with the furry alpacas. Visit this scenic alpaca farm to experience first hand the alpaca farming lifestyle, whether it is to simply meet alpacas and shop the fibers and fashions Farm Boutique, or to explore the alpaca farming business, and the rewards of alpaca ownership and investment. Northwoods Alpacas has been raising, breeding, boarding, training, shearing, and working with alpacas and their fiber for more than 14 years. The sweaters, socks, hats, gloves, and yarns are made from soft and luxurious alpaca fleece. Alpaca fiber is similar to sheep wool, but lighter in weight, stronger, silkier to the touch, not prickly, and warmer with no lanolin. It is this lack of lanolin that makes the clothing hypoallergenic. Alpaca fiber is also sustainably produced and harvested, making alpaca a natural choice for today's eco-conscious consumer. Now offering farm tours from April to October, you will learn all about Alpacas and why they are raised, highlighting their much desired fleece, the history of alpacas, and the current Alpaca herd in America. The tour concludes at the Farm Boutique where you will see all types of products made from alpaca fiber. The Farm Boutique is open October- February Saturdays & Sundays 11 am- 4 pm; Call for an appointment March - September.