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Thomas Cole National Historic Site

1815 Main House
Photo Credit: Escape Brooklyn
1839 Old Studio exterio
Photo Credit: Peter Aaron/OTTO
1846 New Studio exterior
Photo Credit: Peter Aaron/OTTO
Photo Credit: Peter Aaron/OTTO
Creative Process exhibition
Photo Credit: Zio & Sons
Photo Credit: Vincent M. Picone
Main House staircase
Photo Credit: Zio & Sons
West Parlor interior
Photo Credit: Zio & Sons
Old Studio interior
Photo Credit: Zio & Sons
Studio Room Digital Instalation
Photo Credit: Peter Aaron/OTTO
Sitting Room interior
Photo Credit: Peter Aaron/OTTO
Main House porch
Photo Credit: Albert J. Gnidica

An official Path Through History Site! Visit the historic home and two studios of Thomas Cole (1801-1848), the American artist and early environmentalist who founded the Hudson River School of landscape painting. Step up on the porch to see a sweeping view of the Catskill Mountains that inspired his famous paintings and explore the gardens and grounds. See new special loan exhibitions that open each year, immerse yourself in digital storytelling installations that bring history to life, and discover the robust museum collection. Walk out from the Visitor Center and pick up the Hudson River Skywalk, a scenic walkway over the Hudson River via the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. The Skywalk also connects to the Olana State Historic Site across the river. Road-trip to more of the places in nature that inspired the iconic Hudson River School paintings with our Hudson River School Art Trail maps and directions at hudsonriverschool.org.



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