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Path Through History Guidelines

In order to be considered for New York State’s Path Through History heritage tourism program, a site may be either publicly or privately owned or operated, and have a guest experience that makes it accessible, enjoyable, and enriching not only to history buffs but to families and others with even a passing interest in history. Elements such as hours of operation, level of interpretation offered, and amenities such as restrooms and parking are all part of the visitor experience. If you would like to apply to become an official Path Through History site, please complete the nomination form.  Once submitted, the Path Through History nomination committee will evaluate your application based on the guidelines below.  All nominations will receive a response from the committee within 14 days of applying.

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All Path Through History sites should:

  • Have a high level of authenticity, integrity, and a direct association with New York State, interpreting one or more of the Path Through History Themes.
  • Be well established and provide accurate and engaging interpretation in the form of guided tours by trained staff, self-guided tours, audio tours, brochure/pamphlets, exhibits, signs, displays, and/or educational programs.
  • Reflect an appropriate level of preservation and/or conservation.
  • Have an online presence either through a website or social media channel that provides up-to-date visitor information, including hours of operation, driving directions or map, and a property snapshot.  In the absence of an online channel, a phone line with robust and detailed outgoing messaging available 24 hours a day will be considered.
  • Be open to the public, well maintained, and accessible, with amenities such as wayfinding and on-site/property identification signage; on-site or convenient off-site parking; and accessible public bathrooms.  Venues and events must be legally operated according to NYS tax, health, and local city codes, laws, and regulations. Venues must have an ADA-compliant entrance (permanent; or with portable ramp/lift and a contact number to request). Exceptions can be made for historical attractions that do not have to be accessible to meet ADA guidelines.
  • Venues must be open to the public at least 3 days per week, including at least one weekend day, with operating hours a minimum of 4 hours per each day open. Exceptions can be made for seasonal attractions or attractions with seasonal hours that meet all other criteria.

For Inclusion on the I LOVE NY website, listings should:

  • Include at least two photos and/or videos that meet quality specifications for a venue listing, and at least one photo and/or video that meet quality specifications for an event.  Image size requirements call for a maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels landscape, JPG format at 72 DPI. Minimum size is 580 x 326. No vertical images or images that feature text or logos, please.
  • Include a robust description or at least 250 characters. I LOVE NY reserves the right to reject or rewrite any listing that does not have a compelling headline or description.