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Posts from November 2016

Baseball Hall of Fame

This week, our statewide museum tour moves into Central New York. In recent years, the region has been gaining a national reputation as "Brew Central," thanks to its hops producing heritage and the

The Wild Center

Our museum tour continues into New York's North Country. The Adirondacks are rightfully known as a paradise for those who love outdoor activities, thanks to being the largest publicly protected area

Olana State Historic Site

Continuing our tour of New York's museums, we start with a virtual weekend-long art-history course that only the Hudson Valley and Catskills could provide. (And we never, ever have to take a test.) In

Gold Coast Mansion Oheka Castle Photo by Phillip Ennis

We start our tour of New York museums in the southern part of the state, on Long Island, paying tribute to one of my real heroes, 25th US President Theodore Roosevelt, and in New York City, where we

Don Wildman at Olana State Historic Site

Greetings, fellow travelers! In celebration of November as New York State History Month, I'd like to invite you to join me over the next several weeks on a journey to New York's amazing collection of