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Posts from March 2021

A giraffe licks a hand at Animal Adventure Park
Credit: @slevels07ec on Instagram

In New York State, cute critters are more than internet clickbait; they can be part of a great getaway for every member of the family. Your choices aren’t limited to zoos and aquariums, though New York has a world-class collection of those across the state. There are also farm experiences, animal sanctuaries, nature preserves, and even online animal encounters, all providing unique animal experiences and chances to interact with wildlife. No two visits are ever the same, not only because living creatures are unpredictable, but because these destinations are constantly adding new exhibits, experiences, and even residents! Here’s what’s unique when it comes to meeting irresistible furry, feathered, and finned friends across New York State.

A tray of cider donuts with pumpkins in the background
Credit: @redwhiteandbites on Instagram

Updated 3/26/21

New Yorkers love their iconic New York foods and love to share their opinions. We tell friends where to find the best pizza slice or bagel. We travel across our towns or cities in search of the most perfectly moist half moon cookie. We make pilgrimages to the places where Buffalo wings or the Rochester garbage plate were first served. And we debate the merits of one food versus the other, which brings us to the new I LOVE NY Food Bracket. Voters on the I LOVE NY Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts have now spoken, and NY Pizza is the winner of the 2021 Bracket! Follow I LOVE NY and while voting has ended, please feel free to make passionate comments about why your choice is the best!