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Posts from May 2020

Cheese pizza pie


New York is the birthplace of some of the most iconic food items in the world. From Buffalo wings to New York cheesecake to Thousand Island dressing, culinary creativity has always thrived here. As a result, many amazing food items are available at restaurants and food specialty stores around the state. But don’t worry if you can’t make it to pick up a dish in person—many of New York’s best-known food items are available for order online and delivered straight to your door, in most cases anywhere in the United States.

Two wine glasses about to clink with background view of Manhattan

Updated 02/10/22

There are many ways to find the perfect date night or romantic getaway in New York State—even when you’re staying at home. From selecting the type of food to eat or cook to planning an engaging activity, let New York help you create the perfect night in your own space. Choose a candlelit dinner, a movie date, a long-distance virtual meet-up (with a picturesque New York background), or make it a solo date night. Here is how to recreate a romantic New York getaway in the comfort of your home!    

Chicken French with pasta
Credit: @kainosroc on Instagram
A plate of Buffalo wings with celery and blue cheese sauce
Credit: @monteskitchen on Instagram
Slices of Utica tomato pie
Credit: @nommomnyc on Instagram
green salad with thousand island dressing
Lobster Roll
Credit: @eastendeats27 on Instagram
A New York Cheesecake with a few slices cut out
potato chips on red and white checked paper
Credit: @firstblood1982 on Instagram
A person's hand holds an apple cider donut
Credit: @hudsonvalleygo on Instagram