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Author: Michele DeBella

Michele DeBella is the Digital Content Coordinator for I LOVE NY. She loves traveling around the world and also finding new places to explore close to home. 

Vineyard rows
Credit: @caicedojp on Instagram

One way to see the diverse landscapes of New York State is by visiting its wineries. Some are nestled into sloping lakeshores while others are tucked into the woods, or

A few people walking along the shore at the beach at sunset.
Credit: @lotuslove28 on Instagram

Gather your friends together and celebrate summer in the Empire State! There are so many destinations to choose from and activities sure to thrill everyone. You

Colorful fireworks light up the sky over Niagara Falls

If you’re wondering how to plan the seemingly endless things to do in New York State in the summer, look no further. We’ve planned your weekends for you, allowing you to sample the best of everything

A goat on a haystack in a barn with people doing yoga in the background.

Health and wellness can be found all over New York State, from the silent wilderness of the Adirondacks to the Crossroads of the World in Times Square. Individual yoga classes are plentiful. Some take

A county fair at sunset.

County fairs came about in America in the 18th century and were a place for farmers to show off their livestock, merchants to sell their wares, and homemakers to prove they made the best blueberry

Cyclists riding in front of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.
Courtesy of Julienne Schaer/NYC & Company

Looking for unique ways to sightsee in New York State? These bike tours will allow cyclists to see a different side of the Empire State. Depending on the tour, you might ride along the Erie Canal or on the back roads of the Hudson Valley. There are tours that will have you pedaling up mountains, around a sparkling lake, and on trails that American spies once tread upon. Find the ride that’s right for you, don your helmet, and start pedaling! 

Private pool on a hotel room terrace at Dream Downtown in New York City.

Your bundle of joy will be here before you know it! Take a little time to center yourself, relish in relaxation, and pack in some grown-up fun before the little one arrives. New York State has