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Posts from July 2022

State Fair Donut Fries

If you haven't given much thought to state fairs since the days where you could slam down multiple chili cheese dogs and funnel cakes with zero remorse, we get it. But with the Great New York State Fair kicking off August 23, it's as good a time as any for a gentle reminder of what you've been missing since then. Here, we round out our list of 13 not-to-be-missed indulgences at this year's Fair.

NYC with Central Park

Updated: January 13, 202

New York City is full of accessible attractions that are ready to welcome visitors of all abilities, from world-class museums to hidden gems that you’ve got to see to believe

A county fair at sunset.

County fairs came about in America in the 18th century and were a place for farmers to show off their livestock, merchants to sell their wares, and homemakers to prove they made the best blueberry

Classic silver Airstream camper at the Treetopia Campground
Credit: @treetopia_campground on Instagram

If you miss the days of paper road maps and cassette tapes, New York has plenty of activities and experiences to add a vintage vibe to your next vacation.

A person in a blue sweater rock climbing a mountain in the 'Gunks overlooking the green forest below
Credit: @mountain_duck_ on Instagram

Calling all outdoor adventure enthusiasts! Looking to take your summer getaways to the next level? New York State has you covered. Whether you’re looking to dip

Cyclists riding in front of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.
Courtesy of Julienne Schaer/NYC & Company

Looking for unique ways to sightsee in New York State? These bike tours will allow cyclists to see a different side of the Empire State. Depending on the tour, you might ride along the Erie Canal or on the back roads of the Hudson Valley. There are tours that will have you pedaling up mountains, around a sparkling lake, and on trails that American spies once tread upon. Find the ride that’s right for you, don your helmet, and start pedaling!