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Posts from June 2024

A basket of cheese curds from River Rat Cheese
Photo courtesy of River Rat Cheese  

From freshly-caught fried filets and world-famous dressing to luxurious riverside dining and restaurants sporting storied pasts, the Thousand Islands culinary scene is sure to please any palate! Your foodie journeys may lead you to a rooftop with spectacular panoramic views of downtown Oswego or a fishing charter on the St. Lawrence River, catching and preparing your very own shore dinner. Get ready to chow down with this list of everything you have to eat in the Thousand Islands-Seaway.

Outdoor amphitheater lit up at night
Credit: @icantbelieveitsnotbrooklyn on Instagram

Experience the colorful world of art beyond the traditional gallery walls. Discover the canvas that is New York State when you immerse yourself in

Macys 4th July 2015 - Photo by Barry Schwartz
Credit: Barry Schwartz

No one celebrates the Fourth of July like New Yorkers do. For us, Independence Day means beach trips, fireworks over the water, picnics, and live music! Wear your red, white, and blue and get ready to “ooh” and “ahh” with these festive celebrations across the state. 

Clouds reflected on the water's surface at Kenneth L. Wilson Campground
Credit: @billypinkerton33 on Instagram

Pack your hiking boots, bathing suits, and sunscreen and get out into the great outdoors for an unforgettable and affordable camping trip in New York State.