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Author: Danielle Lee

Danielle Lee is the Digital Editorial & Social Media Coordinator of I LOVE NY. 

A woman posing for a picture wearing a brown fedora and a striped shirt in her wine shop at Down the Rabbit Hole

From cultural cuisines to jazz music, bookstores, dance, and sweet treats, shop local during your next New York State getaway and support New York’s Black-owned businesses this month and every month! 

Pumpkins in a bin at Indian Ladder Falls

Why is New York in the fall so magical? The leaves change from deep green to dazzling shades of orange, red, and yellow. The warm air turns crisp and cool. The activities offer fall family fun for everyone, with apple picking and scenic drives, colorful hikes, and romantic small-town getaways.

Malcolm X painted on a mural panel for the Freedom Wall in Buffalo
Credit: @chopan585 on Instagram

Black culture has a deep impact on New York State. Jazz and hip-hop, art and dance, sports, literature, history, film, food, and fashion—all of these worlds look a lot less interesting without the contributions of Black New Yorkers. There are many ways and places to experience Black culture in New York State today whether at an important historical site, a legendary restaurant, an influential music venue, or a well-known museum.

A group of people in red and orange life jackets float down lively white water rapids in a purple inflatable raft


Whether you’re looking to create an unforgettable bachelor/bachelorette party, a fun-filled girls' weekend, a bros' getaway, or a mini friend vacay, New York State is the place to be this fall season! From leading breweries, wineries, and cideries to outdoor adventures, and Insta-worthy foodie experiences, all topped off with amazing fall foliage for your social media feed, get started on planning your fall friends getaway in New York.

A mural of a robot with an afro in East Harlem
Credit: @bethel2008 on Instagram

No matter where you go in New York State, you are sure to find beautiful art decorating the sides of buildings, electrical boxes, train cars, fences, and streets. From colorful mosaics to picture-perfect city names and stunning nature paintings, street art in New York State is limitless. Here are street murals you can discover and things to do near each location!

Two wine glasses about to clink with background view of Manhattan

Updated 02/10/22

There are many ways to find the perfect date night or romantic getaway in New York State—even when you’re staying at home. From selecting the type of food to eat or cook to planning an engaging activity, let New York help you create the perfect night in your own space. Choose a candlelit dinner, a movie date, a long-distance virtual meet-up (with a picturesque New York background), or make it a solo date night. Here is how to recreate a romantic New York getaway in the comfort of your home!    

a photo of the view of Algonquin Peak, Indian Pass from Adirondack LOJ Road

You'd be forgiven if you got lost in the gorgeous overlooks and natural beauty of a scenic drive. From Long Island's Gold Coast to the Finger Lakes wine region to the idyllic Catskills, New York offers renowned byways and roads that make for the perfect escape. 

Six Flags Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom

Did you know that many of New York State's most exciting attractions are accessible by train? These eight attractions include all the transportation information you need to plan a trip, in most cases using only mass transit. Read on to learn more about how to take a train to attractions that are sure to provide fun-filled memories, whether you're looking for a day trip, weekend getaway, or even a longer vacation.