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Posts from February 2021

Donuts with sugar glaze from the Doughnuttery
Credit: @nyc.snaccos on Instagram

New York is home to some of the world’s best restaurants and is the birthplace of internationally famous foods such as Buffalo wings, the beef on weck sandwich, and of course, the New York (pizza) slice and bagels. Over the past year, the state’s chefs and restaurateurs showcased even more culinary creativity than usual, keeping New Yorkers fed with to-go options that raised the bar for takeout, with prepared dishes and kits that allow you to create a memorable meal at home. Feeling hungry? Drive locally to pick up one of these special food offerings or order online for delivery or shipping (where possible). Bon appetit! 

The front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Credit: @dario.nyc on Instagram

Whether you’re looking for a cultural field trip close to home or trying to find interesting diversions online, New York’s museums offer exciting options. In late winter and early spring, many institutions introduce new programming and noteworthy exhibitions, and this year is no exception! Read on for new exhibits at New York State museums, in-person or virtual. There’s something for everyone, from major art retrospectives to new family-friendly exhibits to inspiring historical showcases with a timely twist. 

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens building lit up at night
Credit: @gerri.gjones on Instagram

Updated: 12/23/2021

Learn a new skill or hone your talents with help from New York State! Online classes and workshops from experts at New York attractions can have you improving your cooking, making colorful flower arrangements, taking acting or improv comedy lessons, getting to the next yoga level, and more. You’ll also find options to expand children’s knowledge of STEM subjects as well as family-friendly educational opportunities for all. Check out these online classes and up your knowledge while supporting favorite New York institutions. 

Frozen waterfall at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
Credit: @kelvin_krimaging on Instagram

New York State offers endless outdoor adventures, from thrill rides on ziplines and mountain coasters to pulse-pounding mountain hikes. But what if you want a quiet walk in the woods or along the water or even to see a majestic waterfall? Some place to stretch your legs or get the kids outdoors without too much fuss? Well, New York has you covered there, too, with scenic, easy winter walks and nature trails perfect for a solitary break or a family excursion.