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Author: Phoebe Baker

Phoebe Baker is the Director of Social Media & Digital Content for I LOVE NY. She loves all things travel, food, and history.

DUMBO manhattan bridge at night

Home to dozens of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct culture, character, and history, Brooklyn is a treasure trove of enormous diversity. Representing hundreds of cultures and languages, there’s an amazing sense of community between Brooklynites from all corners of the borough that you won’t find anywhere else. Bursting with art, history, nature, amazing food, and views, there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

A group of people walking through an archway lined with thousands of yellow fairy lights

Winter is here and the night skies are getting brighter across New York State! So put on your favorite sweater and have your hot chocolate at the ready, because you won’t want to miss these magical winter lights festivals

A snow-covered street view of Vidler's red and white colored 5 & 10 storefront with a red and white pinstriped awning and a large clock post standing in front of it

The holiday season is here! The festive lights are glowing, the hot chocolate is flowing, and in between this magical atmosphere, people across the state are scratching their heads trying to think of that special gift to give to a special someone in their lives.

Cream cheese and lox on a bagel
Credit: @cbudzruns on Instagram

New Yorkers know good food. And they’re not afraid to let you know it. From iconic dishes branded as the best of New York across the world to lesser-known inventions

A person in a blue sweater rock climbing a mountain in the 'Gunks overlooking the green forest below
Credit: @mountain_duck_ on Instagram

Calling all outdoor adventure enthusiasts! Looking to take your summer getaways to the next level? New York State has you covered. Whether you’re looking to dip