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Posts from May 2021

The entrance sign to Legoland New York flanked by two Lego towers

LEGOLAND® is celebrating its first full awesome season in 2022 ! This theme park, the largest LEGOLAND ever, is specially designed for children ages 2-12, with 50 rides, shows, and attractions spread out over 150 acres. Located in the Hudson Valley village of Goshen, just 60 miles northwest of New York City, LEGOLAND will bring serious family fun to your summer. To reserve dates and single-day tickets, visit LEGOLAND New York Resort’s online reservation system. Here are eight amazing experiences to expect at LEGOLAND New York. 

Two people sitting on a bench in front of Otsego Lake

New York State has more than 9,700 miles of lake, river, and ocean shoreline, plus many impressive public swimming pools, which means that it’s easy to find a place to cool off on a hot day in summer. From world-class surfing beaches to calm-watered coves to crystal-clear lakes and spacious pools, here is your guide to some of the best places to swim in New York State.