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Tag - Spring

A field of pink tulips in bloom at Albany Tulip Festival

Bye bye, snow boots and winter coat! We’ve been over the cold weather for a minute, and now it’s time to celebrate spring. New York State is about to blossom with lively activities and festivals, memorable exhibits, and natural beauty returning to its most vibrant state.

Bright pink cherry blossoms in Central Park frame green trees and skyscrapers in New York City

Kick the cold winter months to the curb and welcome spring with the magical bright pink and white blooms of cherry blossom season! Get your cameras ready and be sure to catch the blooming beauties now through mid-May at spectacular New York State parks, gardens, and more.

Vibrant yellow and orange tulips bloom in front of the Moses fountain in Albany's Washington Park
Credit: @wilddaisy78 on Instagram

Spring in New York State means the return of baseball, popular festivals, and bursts of flower power at botanic gardens. From outdoor festivities to indoor amusement,