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Hotel suite at Affinia Hotels and Suites
Credit: Courtesy of Affinia Hotels & Suites

Get away from your kitchen table or makeshift office for a while and upgrade to a remote workspace at one of New York State’s amazing hotels or resorts. With minimal travel, you can temporarily move your home “office” to a new setting while taking advantage of special offers that sweeten the deal such as weekly rates, adding an extra night for free, or reduced midweek rates. Have kids in remote learning at school? Bring them along too—beyond free wifi, some hotels and resorts offer programming aimed at young learners, and at the very least, the little ones will enjoy a quick getaway.

A chocolate version of the Oswego Lighthouse

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to remind your friends and loved ones of their favorite New York State attractions and get them excited about their future travels throughout the state. These unique New York State gift ideas, all of which can be purchased online, are sure to bring back great memories of New York and brighten the day of a special person in your life. 

A light pink cocktail on a bar with liquor bottles on shelves

New York craft distilleries use the state’s agricultural bounty to source the grains, fruits, and botanicals that help make vodkas, whiskies, gins, and other spirits. So we thought, why not take it a step further and connect these spirits to beloved New York State attractions? Working with our friends at the New York Distillers Guild, we tasked emerging brands from around the state with creating a cocktail with a flavor profile or story that pays homage to a landmark in their respective tourism region. Behold, cocktails dedicated to New York attractions and crafted with New York spirits. Do make these at home, while remembering to drink responsibly. 

A Chinese building at the New York Chinese Scholar's Garden

Have you been daydreaming of far-off places and yearning to pack your bags for a globetrotting experience? Look no further for unique destinations that will make you feel like you’re traveling the world without leaving New York State. New York’s diversity is rooted in its immigrant history, with people from many different cultures calling the state home and creating attractions to remind them of where they came from—from traditional Chinese and Japanese gardens to inviting Scottish inns to restaurants with Senegalese and Mexican flavors. Ready to get exploring?