Iroquois Museum - New Education RoomHowes Cave, N.Y. - The Iroquois Museum is pleased to announce the opening of the new Nicholas J. Juried Education Room on April 4 the day the Museum opens for its 43rd season. This is the first expansion at the museum building since its opening in 1992. Philanthropist Nick Juried awarded the Iroquois Museum the monies to enclose its rear porch to create this new 560-square-foot space. 

“Mr. Juried has been very generous to us and I really cannot find the words to thank him sufficiently.” said Museum Director Stephanie Shultes. We will have a ribbon cutting at the reception of the opening of the Museum’s featured exhibition “Outside the Box” on May 4, 2024.

In the past, presentations, receptions, demonstrations, and workshops were presented in the exhibit areas, disrupting the traffic flow through the Museum and impacting the experience of both program participants and general visitors.  The new room features seven large windows encouraging visitors to appreciate the importance of the natural world in Haudenosaunee culture.  The room will be suitable for a cross-section of programs and activities, including classes, lectures, workshops, storytelling, and receptions. Architect Vincent LaGanga designed the room and construction was done by Larry Gribben of Gribben Enterprises. Windows were purchased from Tom Brooks of Harbrook Fine Windows, Doors, and Hardware. The Museum’s Board President, Christina Johannsen Hanks noted “Each brought their expertise to create a handsome space for Haudenosaunee to share their culture with audiences who marvel at the breadth and diversity of contemporary Haudenosaunee accomplishments and artistic creativity.”


The Iroquois Museum, founded in 1980, is an educational institution dedicated to fostering an understanding of Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) culture through its arts, both visual and performing. We house and exhibit a comprehensive collection of art and serve as a premier resource center on Haudenosaunee arts, culture, and history. The IM introduces more than 8,000 visitors annually to Haudenosaunee culture through permanent and changing exhibits, performances, interpretive nature trails, school programs, and events.  The Museum reaches an online audience of over 2000 per month at, over 1000 per month on the Learning Longhouse pages, and engages with nearly 19,000 Facebook followers.