American FallsNiagara Falls, N.Y. -- With a soft opening already completed, "Your Niagara Falls Experience" has launched as a tourism information and showcase of everything Niagara Falls - from both sides of the border. The program, available on Facebook and YouTube, is hosted by Nico Santangelo, a Niagara University Graduate and professional in the field of Tourism and communications; and by Peter Green, a Canadian now living in New York State and a recognized Historian and Tour Guide operating on both sides of the border.  

The focus of the program is to deliver a positive view of both sides of the Falls, and to offer answers to many tourists and would-be visitors who constantly ask what the difference is between the two sides.  

"There is no difference", answers Santangelo, "it's a complimentary situation where both sides deliver the full picture".  The program began in early November of this year and already has reached an audience that includes Middle-School students researching Niagara Falls State Park.  "We had the kids on with us on December 1st" comments Green, they asked questions and gained what we hope is a better understanding of Niagara Falls and how it represents two sides giving the complete story".  

In the first few weeks of broadcasting, the program has already visited and showcased the "Jingle Falls" program on the New York side, the Niagara Parks Festival of Lights on the Canadian side, and is gathering footage of many exciting developments and favorite experiences on both sides.  

Santangelo states that "we hope we can create an opportunity for people to share their experiences, and learn about all there is to do at Niagara Falls and the surrounding region.  From world-renowned Architecture to an emerging wine region and living History sites such as Old Fort Niagara and the Underground Railroad Museum, "the New York Side has - in our hosts - a pair of passionate advocates who see the wonder and beauty of the complete Niagara Falls." adds Green.

Catch the program on Thursdays at 7pm on Facebook and YouTube under the title "Your Niagara Falls Experience".  Comment online or call-in to the program to share your own experience and help us tell the story of the world's most famous waterfall. 

Photo: American Falls (credit: Niagara's Vox Media) 


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